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Stuart Lichtman, creator of Cybernetic Transposition releases a long awaited update of his best selling eBook on Cybernetic Transposition: How To Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast.

This eBook has been sold  to tens of thousands of students and teaches a step by step method for how to apply Cybernetic Transposition to achieve any Seemingly Impossible Goal or Desire you Have! Online Limited Copies Will be Sold!


It is the only program out there that provides a step by step guide to goal manifestation and requires no willpower at all- just follow the steps.

“Cybernetic Transposition is not so much a course as it is a tool in your life, a turning point, that rewards you with a lifetime ability to control your future in a way most people can only dream about.”

Cybernetic Transposition is the term invented by Stuart Lichtman to define his system for manifesting whatever you want in your life.  Don’t let the strange title of this eBook fool you-  HOW TO GET LOTS OF MONEY FOR ANYTHING FAST.  I have always thought this was an inappropriate title for marketing this system because it sounds very hypey.  But this program is the opposite- there is nothing in it that requires any leap of faith- just a willingness to follow very detailed steps.

Cybernetic transposition delivers on that promise and it applies to much more than just money manifestation.

Back to the definition of Cybernetic Transposition – He came up with this term because Cybernetics is the Greek word for “steersman” and implies getting control.  And Transposition is defined as interchanging.  His entire system is built on getting you to control the creations in your reality by using prior success in your life.

Stuart defines Cybernetic Transposition as this:

“Putting yourself consciously in charge by creating effective communication between your unconscious and conscious minds, by consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success, resolving self-defeating unconscious habit patterns to ones that support you and by creating effective conscious communication with the part of you that knows what’s right for you.”

This definition probably does not make a lot of sense to you but once you learn the proprietary method to you it not only will make sense but it creates a blueprint for exactly what you need to do and attend to during a manifestation project you start.



This manifestation method is unlike anything you have ever learned.  Unlike other programs, Cybernetic Transposition is based on scientific principles and using advance principles of modeling based on Stuart’s expertise in knowing how the human brain thinks, artificial intelligence, and the psychology and actions of highly successful entrepreneurs.  Now, do not worry.  Although the origin and creation of this method is based on a unique combination of complex principles, you do not need to understand those principles in order to apply it to your life.

In essence, Cybernetic Transposition is this unbelievably effective and proprietary method for transposing one success area of your life into another area to meet seemingly impossible goals. It is so powerful that he challenges all of his students to apply it to a seemingly impossible goal they really want in life.

You do not even need to believe it will work.  You just need to apply it and it works.


Cybernetic Transposition is also a true blueprint method for achieving whatever you want in life.  You do not need money, talent, connections.  The only thing you need is to learn the method and apply it as instructed by Stuart Lichtman in his course.

There are several aspects to the method such as Dialoguing, Inner Anchor Point processes, reframing work, handling blockers, clearing and subpersonality negotiation. While he uses pretty technical terms to describe each component of the method, they are all simple to apply and anyone can do them.  While the words scared me off at first, I realized that his definitions are needed to make clear what specific aspect of the program to work on at different times.

Cybernetic Transposition is tied to thousands of tests and studies and has been applied by thousands of students with astonishing success.  His online program teaches everything you need to know for applying it to create anything you want in your reality.  However, many have opted to get advanced Cybernetic Transposition training from Stuart.  The advanced training typically costs over $3,000 to learn more advanced components of the system.

While his advanced training is prohibitively expensive for many, his entry level product How to Get Money for Anything Fast is affordable and includes the entire Cybernetic Transposition method and a host of other bonuses and resources to use when applying it to your life.


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